Creating a Calendar Event

Only registered, logged in users can create and edit their own events for everyone (except Guests/Lurkers) to see.

Click on the “Calendar” tab.

Next, scroll to the bottom/right and click on the “Post Event” button.

Then fill out the following 4 fields and click, “Post”.

Subject - The title you will see in the calendar posts page

Event Title - The title you will see on the calendar itself

Date - Be sure to fill this out completely

Details - Any details should go here.

When you follow the steps above, here is what you will see in the Calendar:

More importantly, here is what you see when you look at the actual post. In order to see them all, you first go to - and click on “Calendar Events”

Then you will have the ability to post photos and reviews of the cigars, during and after the event.

Sample Post: